Competition Date

Virtual Live Stream May 7, 2022

Virtual Event

Virtual event to include: presentation of all performances in all categories, comments from the judges, official announcements of results, recognition of award winners with professional host and live chat function to meet your fellow gleeks and more…

General Information

All participating show choirs will be recorded by Show Choir Canada via the internet prior to May 1, 2022. Recording date and time to be mutually agreed by the Show Choir Director and Show Choir Canada between April 25 – May 1, 2022. Participating show choirs will be judged based solely on their live stream recording. Prior to the recording presentation, Show Choir Canada will set up a one-on-one online meeting with the Show Choir Director to review all technical options for best results.

Live Streaming Schedule

Virtual live stream broadcast agenda will be announced shortly after registration closes. See Schedule for timing and running order.

Entry Fees and Deadline

First 15 choirs to register will compete. Registration closes March 15, 2022 or when the schedule is full – which ever comes first. The final number of choir and band members will need to be submitted at this time. An invoice will then be issued for balance of fees owing, payable by April 15, 2022.

Register early and secure your spot!

$20 (includes HST if applicable) per Show Choir Member and Band Member

In order to secure a spot in the competition a group must submit a registration form and fees for a minimum of 15 choir members ($20 x 15 = $300)

Click here for additional registration info and form.


Any show choir (mixed or unisex) will compete against each other within the following divisions:

    • Arts/Community Groups/International

Any school with a regional or designated performing arts program, or from outside Canada, or any group that has a mix of students from different schools

    • Non-ACI Large Ensemble
    • Non-ACI Small Ensemble

Large vs. Small Ensemble placement will be determined by taking the median of the registered choir sizes so that there are an equal number of choirs competing in each division.

    • Pre-Competitive/Showcase

These groups will participate in the excitement of the Championships without the added pressures of fielding a competitive set. Schools in this division will perform a minimum of two contrasting pieces to an audience of supporters and fans and receive valuable feedback from our judges. However these groups will not be scored nor be eligible for awards.


Show Choirs should perform a minimum of three contrasting compositions, including one ballad. There will be an on-line critique by the adjudicators following the virtual performance on May 7th. It is recommended to have a maximum performance time of 20 minutes. We encourage schools to keep the performance material age-appropriate and family-friendly.

For more information on a typical Show Choir design and format please refer to “Standards”.

Recording Location

Participating choirs must be able to provide a location big enough to perform their entry from beginning to end without edits. All show choirs must have the ability to stream video from this location. ie. have internet access. We encourage a live audience when recording the performance but this is not mandatory.

Risers and Staging

Riser are preferred but not mandatory.
If the group does not have access to risers, then it is recommended that the video be shot from a higher perspective, so all participants can be clearly seen.

Video Requirements

Ideally semi-professional or pro-sumer video equipment is preferred, but if not, it can be as simple as an iphone. (The better the equipment, the easier the judges will be able to assess the performance.) Show Choir Canada will record the video and audio of the complete performance without edits via the internet stream.
If there is a problem with the stream and only if there is a problem with the stream, the choir will be allowed to repeat the performance one more time. The location of the video camera for streaming should be one static full-frame shot that captures the enter performance. No close ups or edits. The performance must be completed without stopping.

Audio Requirements

Participating show choirs are responsible for providing a single (preferably) stereo audio streaming capability for internet recording. The number of microphones and microphone placement are at the discretion of the show choir directors. We will accept the use of omni directional or directional microphones. Lavalier microphones will be permitted on request.

Ideal Setup

Laptop with wired internet access
Mixing board with USB or microphones with USB
External camera with USB (like a webcam)
Or a capture card or capture device.
Live audience recommended (but not mandatory).

Minimum Setup

IOS or android–based phone on a tripod in landscape mode using an external microphone or mixed audio input.
Good wifi is essential in this scenario.

Wired Internet access is recommended.


Awards will be sent to all participating groups. The top three groups will be announced during the live stream on May 7th.

The Show Choir with the top overall score will be crowned the Show Choir Canada Virtual Champions.


Three adjudicators who are industry experts will evaluate your performance. There will be a on-line critique by the adjudicators following the virtual performance on May 7th. A copy of the adjudication form, along with the judges verbal comments will be sent to each choir director.

Scoring System

Once again we will be using the following scoring system. We take great pride in hiring fair, competent, unbiased adjudicators.


Customized student/teacher workshops are available starting at $10 per student (minimum 20). We will work with your school to personalize a workshop to address your specific needs (for example: Show Choir 101, Vocal, Dance/Choreography, Music, Show Design etc).

Or schedule a ‘fine tuning’ session and have one of our SCC experts come to your school and offer valuable feedback on your show before competition.

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