The start of what we’ve all been looking forward to

Entry By Yang Chen, Marc Garneau CI, Guest Blogger

And so with the end of another summer vacation comes the start of what we’ve all been looking forward to: a new season of show choir.

After much deliberation, brainstorming, and Youtube-ing over the summer on song choices, I presented the ideas to our vocal director and a suggestion for an overall theme. She really liked the concept: it really embraced and encompassed what our school is all about. As this is not only our third year of show choir at Marc Garneau CI, but also my last before I graduate, I knew that this year must be the best year ever.

Reflecting on the past year and looking at what worked and didn’t work, my vocal director, some members of choir council and I planned how we wanted to run it this year. The first week was all about advertising: besides public announcements read every morning, I designed an attractive poster which tried to appeal to singers, dancers, and band members. Then, my vice-president and I went around the school taping 25 of them around the school in “strategic” locations. Although our inner-city school is mainly comprised of first- and second- generation immigrants from the Middle East and southeastern Asia, as well as students who are in a unique accelerated math and science program called TOPS (which I am part of), I knew that there were many students out there with their talent just waiting to be shown to the world, even if individually we may not have the artistic technical backgrounds in singing and/or dancing.

Although I have a full course load with TOPS (comprised of 60 students per grade who have extra enrichment in almost all of the core courses, especially in Math, Science and English) including AP Physics, there will always be time for Show Choir. Our show choir has been traditionally comprised of both TOPS and non-TOPS students – it really goes to show the diversity of our members.

Given the current political situation, I was very pleased that our directors are continuing to run show choir, with daresay even more passion than ever before.

Knowing that the arts are such a worthwhile investment for youth, I was very happy at the turnout for the first meeting: we had around 60 students wanting in on the fun of show choir. We discussed some of our plans for next year, and when rehearsals will be. We decided this year not to hold auditions, and have everyone experience the rehearsal setting of show choir, and let interested members continue in the program, and experience all the benefits show choir has to offer. After creating a new Facebook group, we continued playing around with song choices with a poll.

We hope to move forward with our first actual rehearsal and finalize our set list – I can’t wait to hear everyone’s voices.

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