Growing our Show Choir Family

Entry By Nicole Segal, Richmond Hill High, Guest Blogger

I Googled “show choir” and this is what I found.

A show choir is a group of people who sing in choirs and dance, sometimes within the context of a specific idea or story.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve got a completely different definition in mind. My experience with show choir has been so much more than just a group of people singing and dancing. Sure that may be what the audience sees, but months of sweaty t-shirts and sore throats tell us different. The time spent rehearsing, the practices and all of the behind the scenes work, that’s what brings us to our final product. That’s what the definition’s missing, but I’m here to fill it all in.

I’m fortunate enough to be one of the original members of Vocal Fusion, Richmond Hill High School’s show choir. Three years ago, my vocal teacher and choir director Mrs. Christopolous pulled me aside and let me in on her plan to start a show choir. I have to admit; at first I was unsure about the idea. It seemed pretty impossible to pull off considering our lack of resources: one vocal teacher and a vocal room smaller than the English classrooms across the hall. Luckily as Vocal Fusion progressed, incredibly talented students joined our group. Singers, dancers, actors, instrumentalists, choreographers, composers, beat boxers, you name it!

As the school year was approaching, our executive members got together to plan out how the audition process was going to happen this time around. Our first goal: advertize as soon as possible. Posters to the left and right of us everywhere we walked, flyers and performances on grade nine day, announcements every morning leading up to the week of auditions. We wanted everyone to come out.

Vocal Fusion Warms Up

Our audition process is very… us. I know that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, but Vocal Fusion isn’t all that traditional. We tend to do everything family style. Originally, only three of our executive members and our director were supposed to be judging the auditions. The student would sing a song of their choice, sing a simple pitch test, and answer a few questions. The first day of auditions went as planned. The second day, let’s just say we had previous Vocal Fusion members everywhere! Six of us judging the auditions, four of us sitting just outside the door, another four just around the corner and down the hall, but all so excited to meet our potential new members.

After the solo vocal auditions, we had a group dance audition. Everyone who made it through to the dance audition came out and learned a routine from one of our performances last year. Being one of our two choreographers, I got the chance to teach, work with, and get to know the students auditioning. It’s always really neat making connections with so many people so quickly.

Now, we’re at 28 incredible Fusioners. That’s right. Fusioners. We might not be the biggest choir, or have the best facilities, but we definitely have the biggest hearts. We put our all into every rehearsal, we arrange our own music, and we teach our own choreography. We’re not just a group of people singing and dancing. We’re a family, and I can’t wait to tell you all about how fantastic each and every Fusion family member is. I love you guys!

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