Kyle the Vampire Slayer

Entry by Kyle Golemba, Guest Blogger

According to the musical [title of show], a vampire is:

“…any person or thought or feeling that stands between you and your creative self-expression, […] they can assume many seductive forms…”.

In the song, “Die Vampire, Die!”, they describe various forms like: Pygmy Vampires, Air Freshener Vampires, and the “mother of all vampires”, the Vampire of Despair.

Recently I did some major battles with the ugly, two-headed, second-cousin of the Pygmy Vampire: the Audition Vampire.

The Audition Vampire attacks you, naturally, in the moments immediately leading up to and during your audition. As you wait, the Audition Vampire gnaws away at you, making you think you didn’t prepare long enough, you didn’t dress well enough, and the music you’ve chosen is cliched and boring.

During your time with the panel, the Audition Vampire convinces you that you are flat, your performance is forced, the panel isn’t laughing because you’re terrible, your delivery is uninspired, and that when the production supervisor says “thank you”, what he really means is “I can’t believe how terrible you are. Honestly, how did you get this audition? When you leave this room I am putting your headshot and resume through a paper shredder and then burning the remnants as I dance around and place a voodoo hex on your career.”

This is one ugly vampire.

This week though, I managed to focus and fight off those vampires at least 90% of the time. While Audition Vampires tend to not care about garlic, they do flee at the sight of a friend’s encouragement, an optimistic approach, and a solid trust that everything happens for a reason.

Who knows what may happen, but I am happy that I didn’t have any major crazy vampire attacks during my audition this week and that I can feel proud of the work I put out there.

Baby steps and building blocks, people. Just gotta take it one step at a time.

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