The following awards will be presented at the Junior Show Choir Championships

Choir Awards

Participation Awards

All choirs will be presented with a participation plaque


1st – 3rd place

Group Caption Awards
    • Best Vocals

Outstanding achievement in overall group vocals; tone, pitch, balance and blend, dynamics and difficulty of literature

    • Best Choreography

Outstanding achievement in overall visual effect as it relates to choreography; execution, design, variety of styles and difficulty

    • Best Show Design

Outstanding achievement in total effect. Demonstrates vocal and visual styles, effective pace of show, and attention to transitions, utilizes costumes and props effectively and showcases the group’s strengths

Individual Awards

Randolph College for the Performing Arts – Scholarships
  • Up to TWO Glee Summer Day Camp Scholarships for students entering grades 5, 6, 7 or 8 in Sept 2018. (Valued at $675 CDN each)
  • Up to TWO High School Summer Musical Theatre Creation Lab Scholarships for students entering Grade 9 in Sept 2019. (Valued at $775 CDN each)


In Memory of Paul Aikins

Show Choir Canada will honour the legacy of arts educator Paul Aikins with The IMPACT Award.

Recognizing excellence in show choir education, the IMPACT Award will honour a dedicated show choir teacher who embodies excellence in the profession and has demonstrated monumental influence in the lives of their students.

The IMPACT Award will be presented each year at the Show Choir Canada Championship. A panel of judges that includes administrators from SCC selects the winner, based on candidates submitted by Show Choir Canada participants.


Show Choir Canada participants are invited to submit their nominations for The IMPACT Award by composing a 60-second audio clip telling the story of how a show choir educator has nurtured, inspired or made a difference in their life or the lives of other students.

Submission Guidelines

Submit via email to
Length: 60 seconds maximum
Format: Audio only (mp3, mp4, wma, wav, mpeg)
Deadline: March 23, 2020

About Pail Aikins

Paul Aikins (1965-2019) first worked at Etobicoke School of the Arts as a practice teacher in 1997, beginning his teaching career in 1999. Paul Aikins not only led ESA’s show choir SPLASH to four championship titles at Show Choir Canada, but also to an enviable position as the only Canadian show choir to win multiple accolades at the U.S.’s FAME Show Choir competitions. Beyond the titles, Paul was a devoted educator, who inspired countless of students in the arts and beyond. His teaching was informed by 12 years of experience working professionally in the theatre industry, performing at the Stratford Festival, Huron Country Playhouse, NCL Cruise Line, and Canada’s first mega-musical Napoleon. As a teacher in the ESA music theatre department for 22 years, and head of the Music Theatre Department at ESA for 10 years, Paul created countless shows and mentored thousands of students. Paul truly was the face and voice of the ESA Music Theatre Department and was instrumental in developing the show choir art form in Canada.

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