Introducing Elena Juatco

Entry by Elena Juatco, Guest Blogger

Hey guys! My name is Elena Juatco and I am so excited to start this new blog! My blog will focus on issues that I think are important to budding performers, but for my first post, I wanted to let you know more about who I am.

I was born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia (home of the 2010 Winter Olympics woot woot!) and have been singing and acting professionally for the past 5 or 6 years. Performing became a true passion in high school, where I kept involved in every way possible: singing in my brother’s bands and performing in school plays, musicals, music nights, choirs, and school assemblies.

After high school I moved to Kingston, Ontario to study Biology at Queen’s University. I was resigned to the fact that I was going to be a doctor like my mom, but there was always that little voice in the back of my head that told me that I needed to keep performing. So I took a chance. After my first year at Queen’s, I auditioned for Canadian Idol and placed sixth in Season 2. When the show finished, I changed my university major to Drama and decided to pursue performing as a career. And I’ve never looked back.

Elena Juatco

Elena Juatco

I made my theatrical debut as the lead in Snow White and the Group of Seven, at the beautiful Elgin Theatre in Toronto and then performed my dream role as Kim in Miss Saigon right after graduating from Queen’s. Among other roles, I’ve also played Gabriella Montez in Disney’s High School Musical (working with fellow bloggers Alana Randall and David Connolly!) and Christine Colgate in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Vancouver Playhouse for which I received my first Jessie Award this past year! I also did a bit of television reporting for eTalk Daily and was the Roving Reporter for Season 4 of Canadian Idol.

I am so grateful to have found my passion in life and to be able to pursue it and live it. I am writing this blog to continue to learn from all of you and to share with you my stories and thoughts on such an incredible topic: the Arts are so important and with each day I realize more and more just how vital they are to life.

So that’s me! Who are YOU? Tell me about yourself and what you want me to write about. Please don’t be afraid to ask! I will write about anything and you will quickly learn that I am a very open book!

Looking forward to your comments! xo

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