Start One

To Glee or Not to Glee? That is the question. How do you go about starting your own Glee Club/Show Choir at school? Read on.
  • Talk to your principal to find out your school’s requirements for creating an extra-curricular show choir
  • Talk to your classmates about starting a glee club and see how many are actually interested in participating; you may need a signed petition to show your school’s administration just how much interest there really is
  • Talk to your teachers—choir, band, dance—or even teachers in other department, who may have hidden talents.
  • Go on You Tube and check out Show Choir videos to see what it’s all about
  • If you don’t have a dance department, do you have a classmate that is a fantastic dancer and may be interested in doing choreography?
  • If you don’t have teachers interested in managing a show choir, would they allow you to start a “student-run” show choir?
  • Is there a classmate who is an excellent pianist who could play piano for your show choir?

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