Get Involved

Sure, you love to dance and sing, but did you know that being in a show choir can actually be good for you?

If you do it correctly, singing is an extremely healthy activity. It’s technically an aerobic exercise, which means it releases more oxygen into the blood and that improves circulation. And greater oxygenation can improve mental alertness. Singing not only exercises your lungs, but also major muscle groups: heart, abdominals, back. Singing has also been proven to reduce stress; it releases “feel good” hormones like endorphins, producing effects just like eating chocolate (only without the calories).

Add in the physical movement of dance and you are exercising a whole bunch of other muscles, including your brain. It takes a lot of mental mastery to remember dance steps and routines, and doing so improves your attention to the small details. The concentration and coordination it takes to merge dancing and singing also improves the connection of your bodies to your mind.

Show choirs are also about communication: with each other, with your teacher and choreographers, with your audience. Good communication skills can take you a long way in life.

And maybe above all, being in a successful show choir is about teamwork. It takes a lot of time and talent to put together a routine, rehearse it, and make it performance-ready. It takes teamwork to stay in tune with the music, in time with each other, enunciate words the same way, blend your voices, and follow the loud and soft dynamics of a piece. Teamwork also comes from knowing that people are relying on you to do your part, and taking responsibility for that.

This all may sound like work. But because it’s fun, and because you have a passion for music, it won’t feel like work. It’s not always easy, but if it’s done right, you could have the time of your life.

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