“Glee in Me” Contest Winner March 2014

“Glee in Me” Contest Winner for March 2014 is Tashiya from St. Peters Catholic Elementary School, Milton
I walked into the classroom, and my heart immediately dropped to my stomach. There were so many girls, all of them, so intimidating. I almost stopped and turned around but my friends convinced me to stay and try out. I had only seen Glee perform once for us and the moment the show started I wished that I could be up there singing and dancing too.
Today was the auditions and I was going to try out. I remember from the first time that I heard a song I liked, I wanted to sing it and soon that became the only thing I did when I was alone…. Just sing my heart out. Most of the time, I was too shy to sing in front of anybody else.

They called my name and then I was suddenly up there in front of all of them. They told me to start singing whenever I was ready. I picked the song “Not over you” by Gavin DeGraw. I slowly started to sing and I became more confident as I went on. I could see the faces of my friends change because I normally never sang to them. A few weeks later, an announcement came that the list would be posted outside our library and our whole class went into a state of panic. I was walking down the hallway, I told myself that it was okay if I didn’t get in, but I was actually going to be devastated if not.

I looked at the list, searching for my name and then, I saw it there! I was ecstatic! Being part of the Glee club has been one of the greatest experiences in my entire life. Before I joined Glee, I thought of it a lot like a choir that usually meets once a week. But now I know that being a Glee cast member is a huge responsibility and that there is so much more to it than the show itself, the hair and the makeup. It brings you closer together with the people who share the same talents as you and enjoy the same things you do. You get to perform your singing and dancing abilities to various audiences and it not only creates happiness within me, but also in the people that watch us.

Now, I realize that it has helped me discover my love for music and dance and appreciate it even more. I found out, too the importance of working as a team and having team spirit in whatever you go through in life. Currently, our Glee club is preparing for Show Choir Canada and all of us are trying our very best so that we have another successful year in doing what we love. This truly has been an amazing experience for me so far, and I am looking forward to go on this exciting journey as long as I can.

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