Nationals from a different POV

Former student director/performer reflects on coming back to his former school on the eve of Nationals. By Yang Chen
In anticipation for their upcoming performance at Nationals, I recently visited my high school show choir D-Verses. As I watched the show choir that I directed last year dance and sing their way through their set, all the memories of the choir room – of laughter, of sweat, of trying to get our auxiliary cable to work with the speakers – came back to me.

Almost exactly one year ago, I was preparing D-Verses for Show Choir Canada Nationals 2013 – tightening choreography, finalizing formations, and polishing vocals. It was a nerve-wracking but exciting time for us.

And then came the day of the competition.

We were all nervous, some of us having never performed on stage before, right before we entered the theatre. But when we settled down in our seats, we forgot about our nervousness – we just took in the performances, amazed and awed by the other high schools and what they had prepared – they inspired us. As we went backstage to warm-up for our own performance, we reminded each other of all the hard work that we put into making our show possible – and that no matter the outcome, our passion, memories, and bonds that we made could never be taken away from us.

The rest, you could say, is history. We left our hearts and voices out there on the stage, and came out with the Spirit Award. For a show put together in two and a half months, we were absolutely ecstatic and honoured.

This time, I will be participating at Nationals in a different capacity – watching from below the stage – and I will be cheering hard for D-Verses and all the show choirs. I can’t wait to see what everyone has come up with this year.

To the performers – have the best time of your life out there, and leave it all out there on the stage. To the audience – be prepared to be amazed and wowed by the show.

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