Contest Winner for February

Contest Winner for February 2012 is Nicole Segal from Richmond Hill, Ont.

I’m artsy. I’ve always been artsy. I wouldn’t say being an artsy kid is the most popular thing to be, especially in high school, but then again, I don’t really consider the “popular” kids all that cool anyway. I mean, what’s so great about blending in with the crowd? Being an outcast, being one of the artsy kids, being unique and different and brave, that’s what I consider cool.

It’s never easy being completely vulnerable and sharing your passion with so many others, but that’s what a performer does on a daily basis. I did mention that I’ve always been artsy, but being artsy is a far stretch from being confidant. Struggling with nerves is something I’ve become pretty accustomed to, considering the fact that every time I open my mouth to sing , I think I might pee my pants, but getting up in front of three hundred people, or ten people, or even just one person, and putting everything out there to be judged is always nerve racking. My biggest downfall is my own mindset; my own nerves.

o I have this issue, this nerve issue, where I’m on stage and I freeze, there are butterflies dancing around in my stomach and I just can’t breathe; I’m stuck. The doctors still haven’t found a cure for stage fright, they probably weren’t looking too hard in the first place, but it’s scary being scared and no medicine is the right fix. The only way to truly be comfortable up in front of so many staring eyes is to be with people who support you, and people who are just as unique, different, and brave as you are. One artsy is an outcast. Two get along. Three, now that’s pretty great, but twenty six, that’s the real deal.

When our choir director filled me in on her plans to start a show choir, I jumped on board right away. Nothing could have prepared me for the amount of work it took to get us started, but no matter how challenging it turned out to be, I knew I was in it for the long haul. April was ridiculous. For the first time ever, Show Choir Canada had a national competition, and we were going to be in it. Are you kidding me? Our tiny choir was going to compete nationally against performing arts schools within our first year? I don’t think there are words to describe how nervous I was. You thought I had bad stage fright before? Hah, that was nothing compared to how I felt before nationals.
The lights were pretty bright up on stage, but not bright enough to blur out the crowd. I could make out faces; faces of people sitting and waiting for us to do something great. “Richmond Hill High School’s Vocal Fusion!” and a burst of excitement filled the room. Us Fusioners are more than just twenty six students in a choir. Our passion and personality set us apart from the rest, but brings us together as a group. I wasn’t nervous anymore. My family was there, not only sitting out in the audience, but performing up on stage with me, and I couldn’t ask for anyone better.

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