Contest Winner for February

Contest Winner for February is Julia Marchionda from Stoney Creek, Ont.

Once upon a time in a tiny Ontario town, there was a girl, fifteen years old at the time. Already, her first year of high school had gone by and she had nothing to show for it. Many of her friends had sports team jackets and souvenirs from trips to remember their first year of high school by and she was feeling left out. This girl had always loved to sing, and was pretty good at it too. Her school had a music department, but it seemed as though all of the kids who were deemed as outcasts and weirdoes made up the population there. Not wanting to label herself right at the beginning of high school, she stayed away from pretty much every extra-curricular activity.

After much convincing from a few classmates, she decided to audition for her school’s show choir. She was asked to sing “O Canada” and she was so nervous, that she almost forgot the words to her own national anthem. Despite her nerves, she was accepted and welcomed with open arms into the group. It was here that this girl would meet some of the greatest, most interesting and talented people she would ever meet. There was Amy who was petite and had quite the set of lungs on her. Odette, who was the classically trained, raven-haired talent, Emma: the most dramatic and entertaining person in the group and it definitely showed in her singing, and the girl who brought her into the group, the outspoken and determined Tina.

A few months went by and the girl had never felt so accepted in her life. She realized just what she had been very wrong about the members of the music department, and just what she had been missing the last year of high school. She regretted so much that she didn’t get involved sooner because the girls (who she now calls her surrogate sisters) in choir were able to bring her out of her shell and show her how great life could be. This girl is me, and I am proud to say that I am a member of my school’s glee club, because without it, I would never have learned a fraction of what I have, made the memories I have and been inspired by the best of the best in our school. I owe a lot to my choir for bringing out the “Glee In Me.”

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