Scoring System

We take great pride in hiring fair, competent, unbiased adjudicators.

The judging score sheet is weighed with vocals representing 50% of the overall score and visuals and show design to make up the other 50%. Video Judge will be back and will continue to allow the director and students to watch their performance and listen to the judges’ comments at the same time! Adjudicators will still provide a five-minute, on-stage critique immediately following each performance. A copy of the adjudication score sheets will also be given to each choir director.

Instrumental (band or track) will not be scored therefore will not be factored into the results in determining choir placement.

Scoring System

The championships are based on 3 sections: 1- Vocal, 2 – Choreography, 3 – Show. There will be 3 adjudicators assigned to judge the choirs.

Vocal – The Vocal category is worth 50% of the Total Score. There are 5 separate sub-categories in the Vocal category totalling 500 points.

Vocal Technique
Tone Quality, Breath Support, Intonation, Diction and Articulation

Ensemble Technique
Balance of Parts, Blend of Ensemble, Projection, Overall Tone Quality, Texture, Diction/Clarity of Lyrics, Rhythmic Precision

Commitment to character, choices, storytelling

Phrasing (shaping of phrases, phrasing from the lyric), Dynamics, Sensitivity to style/feel

Overall Musical Effect
Clear interpretation of the musical score and storyline, effective transitions, Overall Arc of journey, Relationship between singers and musicians

Visual/Choreography – The Visual/Choreography category is worth 40% of the Total Score. There are 4 separate sub-categories in the Visual category totalling 400 points.

Precision of Movement, Clean Lines, Spatial Awareness and Dance Technique

Effective, Suitable to Level of Ability, Variety of Styles, Stylistically Appropriate, Choreography Supports / Enhances Vocals

Showmanship, Risk, Energy in Movement, Quality of Expression

Overall Impression
Enhances the Overall Quality of Presentation, Visually Pleasing, Memorable

Show – The Show category is worth 10% of the Total Score totalling 100 points.

Show Design
Theme, Music Selection, Entertainment Value, Pace, Transitions, Effective use of Stage, Risers and Performance Area, Creative and Effective use of Costuming and Props

Sum of scores will be used to determine placements with 3000 points possible

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