The following schools will be competing for the title of 2017 Show Choir Canada Jr. Champions:

Schedule (6:00pm to 8:00pm)
Milton Show Choir Juniors “Flare”, Milton
Essex and Hawthorne “Double Treble”, Toronto
Fame School of Performing Arts “FAME Jr.”, Woodbridge
St. Paul’s Elementary “St. Paul’s Glee”, Alliston
Collingwood Glee Club “Major Treble”, Collingwood

Awards Ceremony (8:00pm to 8:45pm)
Guest Performance and Awards Ceremony

Choir Bios:

Milton Show Choir Juniors “Flare”, Milton
Milton Show Choir operates multiple community-based show choirs in Milton, Ontario. Flare, directed by Melanie Silva and Bob Hall, consists of 30 students from grades four to seven. They are a dedicated bunch of wonderful kids who can’t wait to perform, learn from the judge’s feedback and ultimately be inspired by all that show choir offers at the Show Choir Canada Junior Championships!

Essex and Hawthorne “Double Treble”, Toronto
“Double Treble” is in the house!…Well, actually, this year, they are off to outer space! That’s right, Double Treble is blasting off from Essex and Hawthorne and are ready to explore. They are excited to begin their adventure with you and you are all in for a little surprise. “Double Treble” is under the direction of Katharine da Costa, with musical director, Jessica Arshinoff, and accompanist, Mark Ruan. The team is comprised of TDSB students from Grades 4 to 8, some who are competing for a fourth year. These awesome young people are leaders in the school, who simply love a challenge and an opportunity to perform. Essex and Hawthorne share the school building, a supportive administration, and a joint love of music, drama, and dance. Sit back, buckle up, and get ready for the count down…we are Delicia, Maks, Maya, Miyu, Soleil, Luz, Emily, Alesha, Evan, Hazel, Tiffany, Aaron, Jazzy, Darcy, Jalen, Bowie, Cindy, Zarah, Hannah, Genna, Victoria, Kidan, and Jasmyn!!!

(New)Fame School of Performing Arts “FAME Jr.”, Woodbridge
When FAME steps onto the stage, audiences take notice. Our outstanding junior team will leave you spellbound and wanting more. Our performers ranging from grades 4 to 8, are talented, enthusiastic performers who’ve come together in the enjoyment of achieving rich and full harmonies, and perfecting cutting edge choreography. FAME’s junior team of 18 performers are thrilled to compete together this year at their first ever Show Choir competition!

(New)St. Paul’s Elementary “St. Paul’s Glee”, Alliston
St. Paul’s Glee was formed in the 2012-2013 school year under the direction of Mr. John Miorin OCT. The musical talent of our team consists of students in Grades 6-8, all of which have a passion for expressing themselves through music. St Paul’s Glee has taken to the stage in a variety of school performances celebrating arts education, inclusion, diversity and Catholic faith. St. Paul’s Glee is always looking to entertain and inspire in partnership with local and provincial organizations such as the Wonderland’s Festival of Music, South Simcoe Arts Council Music Festival, Rogers Community TV Christmas Special, Alliston Tree Lighting Ceremony and Alliston Town Council.

(New)Collingwood Glee Club “Major Treble”, Collingwood
Collingwood Glee Club is a community group of 23 girls ranging in age from 9 -13 years old. These talented young ladies meet once a week and are led by Musical Director Naomi Cohen and Choreographer Davis Kadwell, who take great pride in continuously providing new challenges in dance, voice, and dramatic components to form well rounded ‘triple threat’ performers. The goal of this team is to be creative and unique, and above all else, to provide excellent entertainment to the audience!
Although C.G.C. has hosted shows and performed at numerous local venues in and around their hometown of Collingwood, Ontario, they are brand new to competition and are so excited to be involved with Show Choir Canada for the first time!

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