The following schools will be competing for the title of 2018 Show Choir Canada Champions:

Morning Session (9:30am to 12:00pm)
St. Francis Xavier “Sound FX”, Mississauga, ONT (Non-ACI Small Ens)
Centre Stage Theatre School, Burlington, ONT (Non-Competitive)
J. Clarke Richardson “Vocal Thunder”, Ajax, ONT (Non-ACI Small Ens)
Burbank HS “Impressions”, Burbank, USA (Arts/Comm/Intl)

Afternoon Session (1:30pm to 4:30pm)
Burbank HS “In Sync”, Burbank, USA (Arts/Comm/Intl)
All Saints “Flash and Whiplash”, Ottawa, ONT (Non-ACI Small Ens)
York Mills CI “Cheat Notes”, Toronto, ONT (Non-ACI Small Ens)
Milton Show Choir “Gleam”, Milton, ONT (Arts/Comm/Intl)
St. George’s School of Montreal “G Major”, Montreal, QC (Non-ACI Large Ens)

Evening Session (6:00pm to 8:45pm)
Our Lady of Lourdes “The Pitches”, Guelph, ONT (Non-ACI Small Ens)
Beaconsfield HS “BHS Crescendo”, Montreal, QC (Non-ACI Large Ens)
Etobicoke School of the Arts, “Splash”, Toronto, ONT (Arts/Comm/Intl)
Pickering High “Euphonix”, Pickering, ONT (Non-ACI Large Ens)
Cathedral HS “CHS Glee”, Hamilton, ONT (Non-ACI Large Ens)

Guest Performance/Awards Ceremony (9:00pm to 10:00pm)
Guest Performance and Awards Ceremony open to all ticket holders from any session.

Choir Bios:

St. Francis Xavier “Sound FX”, Mississauga, ONT
Now in their second year of competition, SOUND FX is a completely student-run glee club from St. Francis Xavier Secondary School in Mississauga, Ontario! Led by grade 11 students Yash Dani, Elizabeth Ho, and Jose Navarro, and supervised by teachers Carrie Weir and Franca Angelli, SOUND FX feels that they learnt a lot since their last time at competition. And so, they proudly present to you their show: The Progression of Life. The performance is their take on the hardships and joys of childhood, falling in love, and the inevitable end. Here’s St. Francis Xavier’s Sound FX in the progression of life!

Centre Stage Theatre School, Burlington, ONT
Centre Stage Theatre School’s Show Choir was formed in 2016, under the leadership of school founder and artistic director Helen Zdriluk. In its first year, the choir performed a mainstage production at Centre Stage in Burlington, participated in Creative Acts at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre, and took part in Show Choir Canada as a non-competitive entry. Now in its second year, the choir features 25 performers ranging from 9-18 years of age, working under the direction of Jennifer Zdriluk, Diana Murrell, and Beth Marquis. While Helen unfortunately passed away last Spring, we endeavour to continue her vision of bringing together a wide variety of students to perform popular and musical theatre repertoire in a creative and collaborative environment.

J. Clarke Richardson “Vocal Thunder”, Ajax, ONT
Grease is the word this year for J. Clarke Richardson’s Vocal Thunder from Ajax, Ontario. The 16 piece group consists of students from grades 9 to 12, under the musical direction of Jaclyn Prohaska. Student choreographer, Max Ledsham, brings to life the story of a relationship going through turmoil revived through the songs and spirit of the 50s in our rendition of songs from Grease the Musical. We’d like to thank our admin, parents, and school for their ongoing support of this fabulous group. We’d especially like to thank our department head, Jack ‘tMannetje for his unwavering support throughout the years. Good luck to all the participants and thanks again SCC for putting together this unparalleled event.

Burbank HS “Impressions”, Burbank, USA
IMPRESSIONS from Burbank High School (a public high school in Burbank, California) has -through the years- earned as many accolades as the school’s mixed choir, “In Sync”! The IMPRESSIONS women’s choir has been named Grand Champions at FAME national show choir competitions in the U.S. and have done equally well in their home state of California, winning numerous awards in recent years for Best Musicianship and Best Showmanship. They have been Women’s Grand Champions at Fairfield’s Crystal Classic, Hart Encore, Brea Olinda, Glendora, Tournament of Champions, Burroughs Showcase, Los Alamitos, Mundelein Invitational, and the Southern California Performance Choir Invitational. IMPRESSIONS have been awarded BEST VOCALS at every competition they have attended in California for the last two years-which is a first for the group! This group of talented ladies enjoys singing various styles of music and strives to perform interesting and challenging literature each year. Directed by Brett Carroll & Randy Sage, IMPRESSIONS strives to entertain audiences with choreography by April James & Randy Sage and costuming by Peter Gomez. This year’s talented group of performers is comprised of 49 students from grades 9 through 12, a 13-piece combo, and a very hard-working student technical support staff…all backed by a large and ultra-supportive parent booster organization. IMPRESSIONS is excited to be here in Toronto and thrilled to be performing with all the great Canadian choirs here at Show Choir Canada.

Burbank HS “In Sync”, Burbank, USA
IN SYNC, the advanced mixed show choir from Burbank High School (a public high school in Burbank, California), has a reputation of competitive and professional success across the United States, as well as at home in California, winning national awards in recent years for Best Musicianship, Best Showmanship, and Best Show Design. IN SYNC participated in filming the original pilot for the TV series “GLEE” and has been featured in Los Angeles with many Broadway and pop stars throughout the years. The group has been named Grand Champions at multiple U.S. national competitions (including multiple FAME national Championships) as well as almost every major Southern California show choir competition currently running. Last year, IN SYNC was awarded Grand Champions of Show Choir Nationals 2017 in Nashville, TN at the Grand ‘Ole Opry theater-winning awards for show design and vocals. Directed by Brett Carroll & Randy Sage, choreographed by April James & Randy Sage with costuming by Peter Gomez- IN SYNC performs a large repertoire of various musical genres throughout the year. From classical choral literature to contemporary a cappella and Broadway, the group enjoys and performs a huge variety of music! Each school year, IN SYNC performs all over Southern California and across the United States in their role as ambassadors of civic pride and goodwill for the Burbank community. This energetic group of singers is comprised of over 60 talented and dedicated ninth through twelfth grade students who are honored to perform for you here today. Thank you to Peter da Costa and Show Choir Canada for this exciting opportunity!

All Saints “Flash and Whiplash”, Ottawa, ONT
This year All Saints brings together an eclectic group of 18 vocalists, supported by 5 dedicated musicians who worked hard to arrange the music themselves! This show is comprised of Show Choir Canada veterans, like impressive student choreographers Vin DeCastro and Bella Hearne! While others are anxious to make their dynamic debut. Regardless, all are passionate to showcase the rise of the oppressed and downtrodden, through acceptance and love, while discovering unlikely friendships and shared goals-much like the show choir rehearsal process itself! All Saints is definitely here to take their SHOT!

York Mills CI “Cheat Notes”, Toronto, ONT
York Mills Collegiate Institute’s “Cheat Notes” is celebrating it’s eighth year of operation led by Artistic Director, Pamela Maxwell-Steele, Co-Director Kevin Doe, and Choreographer Stephanie Williams. Cheat Notes has performed with SCC since 2010, with students from Grades 10 through 12. This year, the choir is comprised of 17 singers and 5 band members who have brought the joy of music to the community, most recently performing for a local Senior Residence. This year, the theme of Cheat Notes is “Strength” and our choir members are strong, proud, and ready to shine with confidence. Cheat Notes has been showcased throughout the school year including the Winter Wonderland concert, Candy-Cane grams, and Valentine’s Day. We hope you enjoy the show! To all of the other wonderful performers we say warmly: “Break legs”!

Milton Show Choir “Gleam”, Milton, ONT
Milton Show Choir operates multiple community-based show choirs in Milton, Ontario. Their senior choir, Gleam consists of 23 dedicated students from grades seven to twelve. Under the musical direction of Melanie Silva and Bob Hall, the group performs at local community events and stages an annual “Gleeful” Showcase each spring. Milton Show Choir’s Gleam can’t wait to participate in this year’s Show Choir Canada 2018 Nationals!

St. George’s School of Montreal “G Major”, Montreal, QC
St. George’s Glee Club, G Major, was founded in 2009 under the artistic direction of Performing Arts Department Head Candace Grynol and Technical Director Aaron Stamboulieh. G Major has competed at Show Choir Canada Championships since 2012 and were named 2016’s Grand Champions. Over the years they have performed with Jordan Smith, Foreigner, and on Montreal TV several times. They also perform sold-out shows every year at DB Clarke Theatre in downtown Montreal. This year’s full group features 63 students from Grades 7-11 as well as several staff and faculty members, and they are currently preparing their 9th full-length show.

Our Lady of Lourdes “The Pitches”, Guelph, ONT
The Pitches are a group of entertainers from Our Lady of Lourdes High School in Guelph Ontario. They are a mixed group of grades 9 through 12 whose passion in life is singing and dancing. They are led by musical director Anne-Marie Kane. This year’s theme is all about break-ups, so let the Pitches take you through the hard times and good.

Beaconsfield HS “BHS Crescendo”, Montreal, QC
BHS Crescendo is celebrating its ten-year anniversary! Founded in 2008 under the direction of Ceri Howe, our talented performers span all five grade levels, including an all-grad executive committee, and student choreographers.

BHS Crescendo performs at numerous school functions, including: Remembrance Day Ceremonies, Variety Show, Charity Showcase, Christmas caroling at senior’s residences in and around the community, as well as its own year-end Annual Glee Show. They are thrilled to be back for the second year in a row at Show Choir Canada, and hope you’ll be pleasantly pleased by their set !

Etobicoke School of the Arts, “Splash”, Toronto, ONT
SPLASH is the award-winning show choir from Etobicoke School of the Arts – Music Theatre Dept. Under the Artistic Direction of Paul Aikins and musical direction by Michael Vieira, SPLASH is the three- time Grand Champion at Show Choir Canada, including 2014 Grand Champion of the CanAm Competition – winning best show design, choreography and best combo. A few years ago, they were featured in the TVO documentary ‘Unsung: Behind the Glee’ which won the Best Arts Documentary category at the Canadian Screen Awards and had the highest viewership ever for a TVO documentary. SPLASH is featured throughout the year at many corporate events and fundraisers, including the Panda Ball, Jacob’s Ladder, Breakfast TV, Sunshine Foundation, ODA Conferences, and many more. Last year, Splash placed First Runner Up at the Eastern Show Choir Festival in Boston. They are thrilled to be competing again this year at SCC!!

Pickering High “Euphonix”, Pickering, ONT
Euphonix Show Choir is very excited to be part of Show Choir Canada! This performance will mark their entrance into the world of Show Choir performance, as this is Euphonix’s inaugural season!
The ensemble is an auditioned group of students ranging from Grades 9 through 12 and they rehearse once a week. This year, they have been working tirelessly on their Motown Spectacular Show, and they hope to bring life and energy to this fantastic genre of music.

Throughout the year, Euphonix has performed for their school community, and has inspired students to join the vocal music program and explore the wonderful world of singing. Their director, Ms. Lynne Smythe, is thankful for these students who have taken a chance this year and tried something new; the future of vocal music at Pickering High School has a strong foundation on which to build.
We hope you enjoy our show!

Cathedral HS “CHS Glee”, Hamilton, ONT
CHS GLEE is a group like no other. Since 2010 these talented young performers have been defying the limits of a traditional “show choir” persona with their unique style, set-lists and choreography. CHS GLEE’s dynamic and lively performances never seem to disappoint their audience. With their raw natural talent, passion and grit CHS GLEE leaves their audience always wanting more. These 28 members from Cathedral High School, an inner-city school of Hamilton Ontario, aim to captivate their audiences song after song with electrifying and non-stop entertainment. This is CHS GLEE’s fourth time at Show Choir Canada, and like any other year they just want to leave a lasting impression on their audience and do what they do best; which is entertain. Under the Direction of Justin Leroux, Vocal Coach Simone Caruso and Choreographer Dee Vidallon CHS GLEE is and forever will be a family, and we are blessed to be on this competitive stage once again.

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