The following awards will be presented at the Show Choir Canada Championships

Choir Awards

Participation Awards

All choirs will be presented with a participation plaque


1st – 3rd place per division

Additional prizing

To be announced

Additional Group Awards
  • Best Vocals – per division
  • Outstanding achievement in overall group vocals; tone, pitch, balance and blend, dynamics and difficulty of literature

  • Best Choreography – per division
  • Outstanding achievement in overall visual effect as it relates to choreography; execution, design, variety of styles and difficulty

  • Best Show Design – per division
  • Outstanding achievement in total effect. Demonstrates vocal and visual styles, effective pace of show, and attention to transitions, utilizes costumes and props effectively and showcases the group’s strengths

  • Best Combo – one award
  • Outstanding achievement in overall combo. Actively and consistently supports the choir. Includes tone, pitch, blend, balance to the choir, dynamics and difficulty of literature.

Individual Awards


Top Vocalist


Top Dancer


Top Male and Female Triple Threat Performer

Scholarship winners will receive a 1-week scholarship to Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts
valued at $750:

  • Unlimited morning dance classes (Ballet, Jazz, Tap)
  • 2 – ½ hour Private Vocal Lessons
  • 2 – ½ hour Private Musical Theatre Repertoire Coachings
  • 2 – ½ hour Private Acting Coachings
  • Opportunity to audit all RAPA classes
  • Airfare and accommodation not included

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